Our Philosophy


At Tanglewood Learning Center, the basis of our foundation is to provide each child, ages 6 weeks to preschool age, a bridge between a productive educational environment and a cohesive care program. Our qualified staff will provide the nurturing their young minds require. Our program is based on the strong support of each child’s individual educational insight. Children learn best, when at their basic levels, they are provided a stimulating environment that teaches them that education is FUN. Our staff embraces their primary educational role as well as their secondary role as a supportive extension of the child’s family. Working with and incorporating a child’s family into their educational experience enhances the child’s ability to not only absorb but to maintain their daily experiences. Our program embraces a multifaceted experience that incorporates music, arts and crafts as well as a cultural learning forum which promotes the development of a well-rounded child. Our primary goal is to provide the educational and supportive resources needed for each child to grow. We provide the most current and productive educational curriculum as well as ancillary materials that enhance age appropriate learning. Our program managers and leaders will encourage your child to learn and develop at their own levels which enables them to gain the confidence of self-importance. Our facility will provide your child with a bright, clean and warm learning environment that creates a calming and productive educational experience. A child that attends Tanglewood Learning Center will receive the “TLC” they need and deserve to feel safe and included which will encourage your child to be more involved and retain what they have learned with us.