Our Philosophy


At Tanglewood Learning Center, we are dedicated to building a solid foundation for each child, from 6 weeks to school age, by bridging educational excellence with nurturing care. Our experienced staff is committed to providing a supportive environment for young minds to flourish. Central to our program is the belief that children thrive when learning is enjoyable. We create a stimulating atmosphere that instills the idea that education is fun, catering to each child's unique learning style. Recognizing the importance of family involvement, we embrace our role as educators and as an extension of each child's family, fostering solid connections and enriching experiences. Our holistic approach includes music, arts and crafts, and cultural activities, promoting well-rounded development. Our foremost objective is to equip each child with the necessary resources to thrive. We offer up-to-date educational curriculum and supplementary materials tailored to age-appropriate learning. Our program managers and leaders empower children to learn and grow at their own pace, fostering self-confidence and a sense of importance. Our facility provides a welcoming, hygienic environment conducive to effective learning. At Tanglewood Learning Center, your child will receive the TLC they deserve, fostering a sense of safety and belonging that encourages engagement and retention of knowledge gained with us.